Land Sale

After twenty years of specializing in the sale and purchase of agricultural, development, and investment land based assets in Alberta, LIANG Commercial has the transaction-based experience, the professional knowledge, and up-to-date education to provide you with the right guidance when preparing to either sell or buy all types of land, be it for agricultural, recreational, development, or investment purposes.

LIANG Commercial also work closely with a large number of foreign cash buyers/investors from Toronto and Vancouver who have key interest to invest in Calgary, Edmonton and Alberta LAND market.

When you’re selling, buying, looking to invest or planning to in the future, contact us or a free consultation.

To list Land

Please contact Bruce Liang, President, M.Sc, P.Eng, at 403 606-0112 or by email for a free evaluation and consultation.

 Buyer/Tenant and Listing Inquiry

For buyer/tenant and listing inquiry, please contact one of our Land specialists with listing number. 

Tim Polanik 403-399-1504 timpolanik@
Gord Sears 403-471-1634 gordsears@
Jim Lee 403-617-0438 jimlee@
Gurprit Sidhu 403-831-5000 gurpritsidhu@
Ross London 403-681-9711 rosslondon@
Tarjinder Dhillon 403-870-0001 tarjinderdhillon@